The divine nightmare

“Night after night after endless night, grotesque Gods will populate her dreams, like unforgiving and recurring nightmares. The frozen abyss will be the sky of her dream one night. What a surreal sky it is. Gods hang from this sky, like moons and heathen idols ornamenting some ominous dreamscape. Strange worlds and unknown constellations bejewel the black sky of this dream. Fifty beastly deities hang in the black sky, arcing from horizon to horizon; a Luciferian zodiac to offend her senses. Even such Gods as can hardly be discerned in the abysmal darkness are somehow offensive to this slowly dying dreamer.

While she wanders the abyss in wonder and disgust, while her dream’s eye remains transfixed on the monstrous zodiac above, she will only slowly become aware of the dreamscape at her feet. What a horror to behold, to see no Earth beneath her feet, to see skin and flesh, to see hide and hair beneath her bare feet. Still worse are the sights to come, the things she will see of this face of God.”

~The Harlot Goddess


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