Review of The Harlot Goddess by author Angel Gelique

Horror author Angel Gelique (author of the “Hillary” horror trilogy)

This is not a book that you read, it’s a book that you experience….
I was truly in awe by the author’s incredibly rich fusion of words that flowed like music as I was treated to a feast of imagery for my hungry imagination. The writing is remarkable and much like a fine wine, the words therein are meant to be savored. This book tells a tale that is nothing short of fascinating…a tale that is Shakespearean and epic.

Wildly imaginative, the story begins with the creation of Man and Woman. Though meant to be equal, Woman is wicked and ambitious as she consumes Man, devouring his very essence and giving birth to black majik in the process. Woman wields her power over Man tormentingly and torturously until she destroys his very soul, leaving him bewitched and longing for her abuse.

Lilith is a taint…a dark stain upon primordial existence itself. Within the pages of this book, you will learn of her horrors.

I couldn’t help but feel as though I were reading a book from the Bible–a book that should have followed Genesis, yet at the same time, never exist within such holy scriptures. This novel, in my opinion, read more like a testament than an actual story. It could easily be deemed “The Book of Lilith,” testimony to the unholy abomination who puts the “whore” in horrible.

The writing is truly extraordinary–smooth and lyrical. I would have liked to have listened to this as an audiobook, actually. There was something so lulling and soothing within the prose irrespective of its horrific nature. I do applaud the author’s talent.


(And perhaps I’m just an extreme horror and gore fanatic and not easily unnerved), BUT…

I, personally, didn’t think of this–work of art–really, as scary. It was too complicated to be suspenseful. It lacked that element of anticipation, the good old-fashioned scare, that nervous tension that builds as “the plot thickens.” This is my only reason for depriving this book of the full five stars that I’m sure it deserves. But I am a lover of horror and must admit that this fell short of my expectation-ONLY because I was expecting a typical horror novel, complete with the standard elements–plot, conflict, resolution and so forth.* I would classify this book as more of a dark, epic myth than a horror novel. In fact, I like to think of it as sort of a prequel to an engaging story that the author may one day write as a follow-up.

In any event, I was greatly impressed by the author’s immense writing ability and thank him for offering this book for free in exchange for a review.

* Or, perhaps I shall just blame Lilith….


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