Tangible Evidence of a Nightmare


There is nothing like holding the printed version of a nightmare that I meticulously and obsessively detailed with pen and paper. I know that Ebooks are here to stay, at least until they become obsolete themselves; and I accept that. But there is nothing like the weight and smell of a print version of any book.

An Ebook weighs as much as your computer or Kindle. It smells of warming electronics and plastic. It’s bits of code translated by your computer and lit up before your eyes. An Ebook neither weighs nor smells any different than any of the other Ebooks on your hard drive, whose stories rarely resemble its own.

I’ve had the ARC Ebooks on my laptop for months now, and I am genuinely thrilled to have them. But now that I have copies of the print version, well now it feels like it exists in the flesh of its paper and the skin of its cover. The Ebook is just a photo of it.



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