Review of The Harlot Goddess by author Steve Soderquist

The ability to create a well-written, dark novel takes on many levels when it comes to the written word.

          Many authors will follow the well-woven tracks of predecessors who have enthralled readers with their originality, leaving the reader with a sense of wonder as to how such a creativity came to be. The stories themselves seem to place a signature mark more defining than a trade-mark; more definitive than any copy-write ever could.

          N. Onym created such a novel with his latest, ‘The Harlot Goddess’. My first suggestion when reading this book is to find a comfortable place where you can be undisturbed, and allow yourself to be fully immersed. It is not a tale for the weak of mind or heart.

          The tapestry woven in his book is as thought-provoking as it is likened to a beautifully choreographed  dance. The reader is chilled to the bone by the dark hole that may have once been a woman (the beautiful antagonist Lilith), who’s single-minded purpose and drive has self-created a creature of complication so gleefully evil, that you will fear her and want to be with her at the same time, if only for a moment. But with Lilith, there is no such thing as only a moment.

          Written with stunning imagery and imagination, N. Onym will share the darkest side of pleasure and pain. The needs of her unquenchable appetite are burned into everything and everyone she touches. By the time I was finished with ‘The Harlot Goddess’, I had the feeling that if this Red Star of a woman were to only glance your way and you were unfortunate enough to glance back, you were already lost to her.

          Five stars to N. Onym for this novel based on its creativity, thought-provoking dives into a world as close to Hell as man will be allowed to go and still be allowed to live, (twisting and turning in agony of pain and ecstasy of pleasure) and for setting a precedence for those who dare to ask, “Can you scare me?”

          Yes, this novel answers…yes, I can.



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