Review of The Harlot Goddess by author John Reinhard Dizon

The Harlot Goddess by N. Onym is a dark and sensual tale centered on Lilith, the supernatural seductress after whom the novel is named. This is a highly stylized work which may well qualify as postmodernist literature in the surreal narrative that may be interpreted as the author’s literal voiceover. Most readers would concur that his pen name would be translated as Unknown (the mathematical symbol `N’ as the -nym), and the bio tells us that he gets his inspiration from Parts Unknown. By Chapter Two, there is little doubt that we are being taken on a guided tour through the netherworld, and Onym makes sure this is the next best thing to being there.

The book is divided into five lengthy chapters which appear to correlate the Scriptural narrative from the Creation to the development of the Ancient World. Chapter One, As She Darkly Pleases, goes back to the dawn of man and the creation of magik. Chapter Two makes an allusion to the Book of Isaiah and the rebellion of Satan in The Serpent, The Son and the Morning Star. Chapter Three is as an orgiastic cross between Paradise Lost and Dante’s Inferno as we are introduced to Her Daughters, Like White Spiders..and Others. Chapter Four – Evernight becomes the consummation of evil desires and demonic lust as the communicant enters into an unending rite of intercourse with the harlot goddess. The book concludes with Whilst Gods Slumber as the communicant steps away from the netherworld to absorb the depths of depravity and eternal slavery to forbidden desire.

This is some cutting edge stuff, and if you’ve considered reading Anton LaVey or Alistair Crowley but didn’t want to go quite that far, The Harlot Goddess by N. Onym may be a safe place to indulge your darkest fantasies.


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